How to Schedule Theme in Magento2.x

  1. We can schedule the magento website design/theme in advance. On Seasonal (or) promotional day of you store, we can schedule the design/theme of your store. So that your store look and style will be change for scheduled timing. By default magento2.x is providing 2 themes (blank and luma).
  2. If you create/maintain the theme also will be covered in this section. Admin will get all active themes list as dropdown section with start and end day of the theme schedule.

Scheduled Theme Grid:
Goto admin-> Content -> Design -> Schedule

  • Store -> Choose any one store view for which you want to set the theme.
  • Custom Design -> List of all your active themes
  • Date From -> schedule the starting date of your theme activation
  • Date To -> schedule the end date until the theme is active on your store.

Revert back to older theme :

Scheduled theme will be active till specified end date. After that if you want to revert back the older (which was used earlier theme) theme better you delete created schedule record from the grid or create schedule new schedule with your older theme with longer interval.

Suggestion : Set one cron for clear the magento cache with certain interval.

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