How to move your Project to Github:

How to move your project/files to Github:

Introduction about GIT:

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvald, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel.


  • It is a software.
  • It will be installed your local system.
  • You can access via terminal
  • distributed architecture
  • performance,
  • security
  • flexibility
  • Version control with Git

Introduction about GitHub:

GitHub, Inc. is a US-based global company that provides hosting for software development version control using Git.Is is a code hosting platform for collaboration and version control.It was founded in April-2008.It will helpful to share your code with others.

Essentials are:

  • Git (the version control software GitHub is built on)
  • Service,
  • Hosting on web
  • Have an option to access via GI.
  • You can create a Repositories
  • Handling Branches
  • Commit your changes
  • Pull & Push Requests

Steps for setup your project into GITHub:

1. Login with your credential

2. Click “Start a project” button

3. Create a new repository, Select “Owner” & enter “Repository name” (It should be Unique name)

4. Select public (or) private.

Public: Any one can see this repository & you can choose and allow the commits.

Private: who can see and commit to your repository.

5. Open Git Bash with in your project folder (Ex: windows->GitBash).

6. Copy and paste your files and folder from your local machine to created project folder path.

Ex: Folder name is : mrjute

7. Go to Created folder “mrjute” folder path & Initialize git.

Ex: mrjute> git init

8. >git config ‘<Email ID>

9. >git config ‘<Username>

10. Configure your remote repository as like below,

# Sets the new remote

>git remote add origin <remote repository URL>


# Verifies the new remote URL

mrjute>$ git remote -v

10. >git pull origin master //Default branch name is master

Now copy your project folder & files & keep it into mrjute folder path. Once after “mrjute” is ready , follow below commands

11. To add your files . mrjute> git add .

12. Using below command you can Commit your changes into git.

>git commit -m “Initial setup”

13. Push your changes. mrjute>git push origin master

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