KnockoutJS -Introduction

Knockout js -Introduction:
1. Knockout is a JavaScript library. [ shortly will call KO ]
2. Model View ViewModel (MVVM – architectural design pattern originated by Microsoft ) pattern is used in Knockout JS.
3. Using Knockout JS we can create Perfect UserInterface with data model.
4. Using Knockout JS we can update & add & edit the UserInterface any any time.
5. Knockout work with any server or client-side technology and library file is very less & lightweight component
6. KnockoutJS / MVVM will divide the parts into 3 section
View : User will enter the detail from view part Ex: Html
ViewModel : Intermediate between View & Model. Whatever changes (Whatever changes is update dynamically from UI – the ViewModel will get & share the data to View & Model)
Model : Model will store the data which is given by the User.
7. KnockoutJS is open source.




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