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  1. Sir, I have a problem in magento 2, I wish to customize the product details page for adding multiple proucts to cart, which means “product-options-wrapper” div along with option to add quantity should be generate dynamically on add new item button click. is it possible using custom module ? how can I implement this ?

    1. Hi Krishna, Hope you are trying to integrate a concept like market place i guess. In case if wrong plz let me know. You can create new phtml file with required design (add to cart(product wise if u want or else not required) & qty box ,etc) and then include these phtml file into detail page. Whenever customer onclick the addtocart button u forcefully pass your required parameter(which is filled from text field & hidden value) and use addtocart controller action (override file from core to local and receive ur parameter ) use the code.

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