Magento Design Theme Integration – Part-1

1. How to Integrate Design in magento:

It will expands your knowledge of the structural workings of Magento and the

methods of designing for Magento.

This topic with helpful to create a theme of your own with Magento.

1. Disable cache control (Admin – system – Cache Mgmt – disable all)

2. Enable templat path hints (Debugging purpose)

admin – system – configuration – Developer – Debug – Apply Template Hint – YES (Select Store wise and apply)

Ex: frontend/default/default/template/checkout/cart/sidebar.phtml (with RED color).

This will helpful to find the block which is rendering (checkout.xml)

3. Enable Translate Inline (Debugging purpose)

Translation text with CSV format

Ex: Mage_Catalog.csv (ex text required field)

Magento have few built in ways to translate text. Te first one its translation of files at

the app/locale/ folder. The second one is inline translation it set at the store front

and keep values in database instead of files.

The magento inline translation saved at the core_translation table.

4. Setup new theme and file structures:

Create new folder under app/design/frontend/default/jute (copy layout and

template from default & paste it here) and skin/frontend/default/jute/

admin – system – configuration – Design – Theme option change from default to jute (based on website)



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