Rollback code, media and database in Magento2.3.x

We can rollback the code,media & DB which we made backup previously.We can identify the backup file names from
root>var/backups folder path.

Automatic Maintenance mode active/de-active:
Once after hit the backup rollback command system will go to maintenance mode. Once after command successfully executed maintenance mode will be de-active by default.

To restore the Code in Magento 2:
>php bin/magento setup:rollback –code-file=”1557567895_filesystem_code.tgz”

Rollback DB:
>php bin/magento setup:rollback –db-file=”1557567895_db.sql”

Rollback Media :
>php bin/magento setup:rollback –media-file=”1557570584_filesystem_media.tgz”

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