Solution for “The connection was reset”issue in magento1.x:

Solution for “The connection was reset”issue in magento1.x:
This post is more helpful when you migrate the magento lower version to higher version. In my case, i have migrated my website from lower version of magento1.9.x to higher version of magento1.9.x. After successfull migration i got the session issue, when customer register or login the website its not worked for me. When i login the website as a customer (or) try to register as a new customer, the page got keep on loaded & taking much time and finally the page redirect to “The connection was reset” page.

I have try to clear the session and cache , etc but no luck. After long searching, finally come to know the issue is with my community module. A module which i used is older version which was not supported the higher version due to that the page got not loaded. The website got worked fines, after I have modified the one line code(related store) from the module.

How to find the issue from which module:
1. It little tricky the know the error from the log. No where log has been write.
2. To find the issue, we have to disable one by one module.
3. First step we had commented our migrated (higher version) code & verified – Result is still issue exist.(mean issue not from the migrated new code).
4. Next disable local folder (which you have override) & verified – Still issue exist. mean issue not from the migrated new code)
5. Next disable community folder. After commented out seems customer login start work. Decide the issue from the community folder.
6. In inside community we may have more module, then we need to disable one by one at the end we will decide the issue comes from which module.


According to the new migrated version either modify the code or get the updated version of community module from
the vendor.

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