How to install git in ubuntu:

1. Now i created new project folder called jute

2. Under this folder i created one file called first.html (using command touch first.html)

3. Now if u use Ctl + H key or using following command (ls -a) and check, no hidden files be there the folder .Because our project is not under VCS.

4. Now we have to add our jute folder under VCS

5. Go to your folder path in Terminal & run following command git init

6. After run the command run Ctl +  H or ls -a command on terminal , there will be one hidden folder called  .git created. Note: Default branch is master . (>git branch)

7. .git is the main folder which will help to use maintain our history in git level.

8. Whatever files or folders if you create those info/history will be maintain under this folder.

9. log will be maintain in following file  .git/logs/HEAD.

10. Which is your current branch information will be saved in following file .git/logs/refs/master (first time only when only one branch is available) or .git/logs/refs/heads/master (second branch onward)

11. In case if you create any tag then those info will base saved in .git/refs/tags/

12. Latest commit message will be maintain in .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG file
Note: We can use all the GIT command but we have to analyse what command & when we want to use is the main.

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