How to add your Project to Version Control – Part: 1

How to add your Project to Version Control – Part: 1

Create backup ,view & restore folder and files on Ubuntu server:

When you do migrate your project to version control first create/take a back of your current working project (files and folder) on the server. It will help to restore your project back in case of any issue during a migration. Following steps may helpful

Note : My Project folder path is /var/www/html/*

Create Tar Backup:

Backing up all files in a directory including sub directories

>/var/www/html>tar cvf /var/www/<mybackupfilename> *

c -> create , v -> verbose , f->files

mybackupfilename – tar backup file name. After execute the above command your files are store as a tar into following path /var/www/mybackupfilename

To view your backup tar file:

Use below command to view your backup tar files on the server.

/var/www/html>tar tvf /var/www/<mybackupfilename>

To restore your tar backup server:

Go to your project folder path & run following command. Restore files in to current directory

/var/www/html>tar xvf /var/www/< mybackupfilename>

x option is used to extract the files from tar file.


Using Zip:

>sudo apt-get install zip

>zip -r <backup file path with bckup name> <original_file path>

>zip -r /var/www/mybackupfilename .zip /var/www/html

//Note: Whole folder of var/www/html

/var/www/html>unzip /var/www/

Save Water !!!