LESS – Part I

LESS is a CSS pre-processor:

LESS is a CSS pre-processor. For styling website, it will be reusable, managing is very easy & customize the styles. It’s providing cross browser compatibility.

1. With the help for LESS we can create a styling website.

2. Also it will be re-usable.

3. We can manage simple & easy with customized the style.

4. Also it’s providing cross browser compatibility

5. LESS was designed by Alexis Sellier in 2009.

6. LESS is an open source.

7. First version of LESS was written in Ruby and in the later version it is replaced by JavaScript.

8. Maintenance will be very fast If we used the variables in LESS.

9. Using nesting, we can write the code well cleaner & organize code.

10.If we use operations, it will make code faster & save our time.

For More Info:http://lesscss.org/

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