Solution for : Magento 2 js-translation.json not generated | Magento2 admin dashboard keep on loading

Issue: After successful magento installation, as admin user when you try to login admin – the Loader will keep on load and it won’t be allow you to access the magento admin dashboard and admin pages.

Identify the Issue: Select inspect element from your browser, you may see below console error message,

static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US/js-translation.json is not loading –> This file path may redirect you to 404 page when you open this file from your browser.


“Deploy static view files” command with your theme .

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [] [-t|–theme[=””]] [–exclude-theme[=””]] [-l|–language[=””]] [–exclude-language[=””]] [-a|–area[=””]] [–exclude-area[=””]] [-j|–jobs[=””]] [–no-javascript] [–no-css] [–no-less] [–no-images] [–no-fonts] [–no-html] [–no-misc] [–no-html-minify] [–no-parent] [-f|–force]

Still Issue ? : Copy this file from your lower/other environment (if already exist) and paste into your pub admin theme folder path by manually, (Note: Magento/backend/ is my backend theme)


Note: In-case if this file is not available in your lower environment, then you create by manually add [] as content of the file and save the file name with “js-translation.json” and use it.

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