Magento – List of catalog rule Tables

Magento catalog rule Tables:

1. catalogrule;
We will get the catalog rule info from this table. conditions_serialized column is serialized with catalorule applied rule condition

2. catalogrule_affected_product
Catalog rule – will reflect which products

3. catalogrule_customer_group

Created catalog rule is applied to which customer group.

4. catalogrule_group_website

If catalog rule applied based on website then you will those infor from here.

5. catalogrule_product
applied rule price and start & end date of the rule based on the product.

6. catalogrule_product_price

7. catalogrule_website – Banner & rule id will get

Enterprise Tables:

8. enterprise_banner_catalogrule

9. enterprise_banner_salesrule

10. enterprise_reminder_rule

11. enterprise_reminder_rule_coupon

12. enterprise_reminder_rule_log

13. enterprise_reminder_rule_website

14. enterprise_reward_salesrule

15. enterprise_targetrule


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